1. General rules
1.1 Agreement
The rules listed below must comply with all the players registered on A player who registered on the site, automatically agrees to these rules and undertakes to respect them.
These rules are not final and may be changed or added new items Administration rules without prior notice players.

1.2 The right to use the account.
Account or Account - this is your personal profile, for which only you are responsible.
Prohibited the transfer of your account to a third party for any purpose.
Available issues are coordinated only through the administration.

1.3 Username / avatar.

It is forbidden to create or modify a user name to the words containing mat, insults, propaganda of violence or advertise third-party resources unauthorized with administrations. It is forbidden to download and use avatars and other images profile containing violence, pornography, obscene language and impartial nature scenes or any unauthorized advertising.
Responsibility: for a minor violation of this rule account the offender may be warned with the mandatory elimination of the violations, for gross violation (mat, insults, pornography, violence login or avatars) to eliminate the blocked account. Repeated violation of the rules leads to a blocking of the account with the ability to recover payment of a fine of a designated administrator. Subsequent violations lead to blocking the account without the possibility of recovery.

2 Rules of communication

2.1 In-game chat, private messages.
2.1.1 Insults
Prohibited statements insulting, boorish, humiliating to the project, nationality, project administration, players and their families. Prohibited obscene language, including veiled.
Resource administration, recalls the observance of correct attitude towards their opponents and other visitors to the portal. Even if in your opinion, opponents say is not quite the right thing, that fact did not an excuse for rudeness, rudeness or aggressive attacks.
a) For a minor infraction of the rules of the administration right to give a warning if the statement was inadvertently or in the presence of existing administrators.
b) In the case of deliberate insults and boorish, humiliating single statement that does not contain obscene words, the administration has the right to impose a fine as a warning to the offender to the amount of 500 rubles.
c) By repeating the incident under the item "b" of this rule either by receipt of a complaint from a player to another player the administration has the right to choose to give as a warning, or to make fine of up to 500 rubles depending on the coarseness of the statements of the offender, as well as to block the account for a period of from 1 hour to 7 days.
d) for a gross violation of the rules, namely, the constant derogatory or obscene insults, uncontrolled mat any abusive relatives or administrators when accessing chat, private messaging administration has the right to block the account at any time, even without the right to permanent recovery.

Note: In the case of provocation, you have to take pictures of the screen and inform the violation, to respond to the insults do not need. If you hear insults or rudeness, write more or less the exact date and time of the violation, the name of the server, and the name of the offending card.
On payment of a fine is given 36 hours after the overlay. If the user does not pay the fine, his account will be blocked until the moment of payment.

2.1.2 Flood

Prohibited flood as a recurring phrase in a row more than three (3) times.
Responsibility: for a similar violation of the player can be warned and then blocked in-game chat and vnutrikomandnye for up to one week.

2.1.3. Unauthorized advertising.
Prohibited unauthorized advertising (mismatched with the administration of the project).
Responsibility: Account Blocking period until permanent.

2.1.4. Malicious links.
It is forbidden to spread malicious links (adult videos, images obscene nature or obviously dangerous links that cause harm to mental or moral state of man)
Responsibility: lock your account for a period of 1 week and up to a permanent.
On items 2.1.1.-2.1.4. players who noticed the violation of the rules, should report the incident to the appropriate topic, or to notify the Authority in person.

3. Fraud

3.1. Using third-party programs.
It prohibited the use and dissemination of libraries and third-party programs that modify the visual characteristics, fire and memory games, as well as giving any advantage over other players, not provided for in the game. Persons convicted of using such programs on means of protection, viewing demos or screenshots offender blocked account without the possibility of recovery and steam id is stored in all possible steam Clans. If you block a user logs on to the site by another steam id and it is some way to find out, that user will be blocked on the site without entering into steam id ban lists.
In identifying the user "cheater" with 90% of the evidence, "cheater" will be blocked, and the user is generously rewarded.

3.2. Other types of fraud.
All other types of fraud and financial fraud at the project, trying to fraud and hacking players accounts amount to a violation of the rules under Section 3, and will be stopped by blocking the offending account.

3.3. Slander
For willful counterfeiting facts screenshots (screenshots) or other evidence (logs chat console), as well as for the submission of false information or inaccurate data, entailing a punishment of innocent people, you are responsible as well as for fraud. Blaming the players in the use of third-party programs prohibited by the settings, you must provide evidence that can confirm your charges, otherwise you will be responsible.
Responsibility: lock your account for a period of 24 hours until the permanent.

3.4. Multi-client / Clones.
The system prohibits the creation of multi-accounts in any form. Exceptions are the administrators who separately coordinate their actions with the senior administration with the aim to have a separate account to express their personal thoughts to other players.
Responsibility: For violation of this rule and the main multi-client account has been blocked permanently (forever).
3.5 The use of bugs.
You may not use any unknown at the moment (any undocumented rules in error) faults or system errors (bugs), giving an advantage over other players in the game or on the website, as well as committing to financial transactions.
Responsibility: lock your account until permanent, issuing a fine at the discretion of the Administration.
Note: In case of bugs should be reported to the Administration. In accordance with the criticality of error detected administration will reward the first player who finds it.

4 Gameplay mode (public)
4.1. Using bugs.
It is forbidden to use any map bugs (bugs in the development of maps that provide an advantage contrary to the real physics of the game).
4.2. Reconnect.
Prohibited deliberate and repeated use of the command "reconnect", if this is not due to technical problems.
4.3. Disclosure of game information.
It is forbidden to use any intentional command prompt in which you are not a member. 4.4. Breaking game servers.
It is forbidden to use any kind of program or scripting attack on the server.
4.5. Unauthorized advertising.
It is forbidden to spread links, unauthorized (not approved by governments) of third-party advertising resources in the general chat in the game name (nickname), and the use of the general chat to proposals of a commercial nature, doubtful resources and any other information that does not apply to in-game process.
4.6. Player models, weapons, maps, radar.
Each player must use only the standard model.
4.9. Game nickname (name).
It is forbidden to play with the nickname, which carries an insult to the other players, any unauthorized advertising.
If any of the above Administration has the right to block the User's account for up to 2 weeks or permanently, depending on the severity of the violation.